Live Again: Get a RFID Blocking Passport Case Cover for Only $6.99

This deal “sold out” on Amazon’s lightning deals last night, and I received some disappointed tweets from people unable to jump in.

But today, this product is back up on Amazon’s lightning deals.  The strange part is that some colors are $7.19 instead of $6.99 (a seemingly random number!)


There’s a good deal on a passport case on Amazon right now.  You can get a RFID blocking cover for only $6.99 with Amazon’s lightning deal.

The black ones are almost sold out, but at the time of this post there’s still good availability in all the other colors.  (For some reason, red is a dollar extra).

The page claims it is leather, but it’s synthetic.  It has generally good reviews, though some people have reported it gets worn after heavy use so YMMV.  It’s $6.99, so I suppose that’s to be expected.

Reviews reported they were able to use it as their wallet and that it fit in their pockets more easily than most passport covers.

Passport RFID

From the listing:

  • Has four credit card slots, one side pocket and one top pocket
  • Compact design carries cash, credit cards and your passport without being oversized and bulky
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Hold all your cards, currency and passport but will also help protect you with RFID blocking material integrated into the wallet

Check it out here.

Please note, if you purchase something through my Amazon links, I receive credit.  As always, I appreciate the support.

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