Lightning Deal on My Favorite International Adapter

I’m currently using this travel adapter to write this blog post!  For the next ~5.5 hours (from the time of publication), you can get a highly-rated travel adapter with fast charging and USB ports for $18 .

travel adapter
PORS-ELA International Travel Power Adapter with 2.4A Dual USB Charger & Worldwide AC Wall Outlet Plugs for UK, US, AU, Europe & Asia – Built-in Spare Fuse

You can charge up to three devices at once on this–which is why I’ve been wanting to get it.  I have my laptop, phone, and portable charger plugged into it right now.  While I use it traveling internationally, I find it useful for regular travel as well.  It expands a single outlet, which is useful given most hotels are short on outlets.

Edit: I initially titled this “international charger” instead of “international adapter”.  Sorry!  Didn’t have my coffee yet.

There is one regular A/C slot, one 2.1 amp USB slot (required to charge something like an iPad), and then a regular USB charging slot.  Since I travel with my laptop, phone, and iPad, this will keep me covered.

I have a few other adapters all the same size that only handle one device at a time, so that’s why I’m in for this deal.

As a side note, it’s worth keeping items in a shopping list on Amazon if you have the app on your phone.  I’ve been hoping this price goes down (to grab a second), and the alert was great!

It is also very easy to switch what country you are using on the adapter.

If this item is more than $18, it either means the sale has ended or sold-out.  Please note, I have seen this cheaper than $18 (which is a good price), but very rarely.  This is on sale, but it isn’t the greatest price I’ve ever seen.  I still think it is a great adapter worth getting.

(Remember, since this is an adapter and not a convertor, do not use it with hair dryers, curling irons, or razors!)

You can also use this stateside to add a few USB ports to a hotel outlet.

Please note, if you purchase anything through my Amazon links, I will receive affiliate credit.  As always, I appreciate your support!

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