This Is What My Life Has Become–A flamingo beer bong

Sure, I write on flamingos at airports and champagne bongs one time (okay, two times), and my Amazon recommended items become this:

flamingo beer bong

A flamingo beer bong.  Oh Amazon, you know me so well.

this is my life now

This reminds me of the few months after I wrote about the wine bra, and all the Amazon recommendations I got from that.

wine rack

The article itself was hard-hitting journalism–why it is legal to carry wine through security in your bra.

Of course, it affected my Amazon recommended items to the point where I wasn’t comfortable opening Amazon at work for a while.

And of course, any searches I do on “wine racks” are now useless to me!

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  1. You live a far more interesting life than you give yourself credit for.

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