Le Tote — the Netflix for Clothing Service — 50% off TODAY ONLY

I’m in love with Le Tote, and you can see my praises here.

Le Tote Reviews Selection

It is basically a Netflix service for clothing.  You pay $49 per month, fill out your size profile, and select outfits you like.  They send you three outfits per shipment, including two accessories.  You can wear the clothing as many times as you want and send it back. They clean it.  You don’t need to.

If you like it, there’s pricing online you can consult to see how much it would be.

In addition to the $10 in referral credit you can get from me, you now can get 50% off today only by using the code:



Edit: This was clear in my last post but not in this one.  The coupon code gives you 50% off the service.  The referral credit you get from my link goes towards the purchase of anything you like.

Disclaimer: Referral credit for you equals referral credit for me also.  Since this is combine-able with the coupon code, it is the best deal I can find!


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  1. How do I put in the referral code? I do not see where to put it.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      In case people don’t see it (the type is quite small), it’s on the page when you are filling out your address at the very bottom.

  2. I figured it out about the promo code. Thanks! This will be interesting to try.

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