Issue with Booking US Airways Routes with Avios

Just letting you guys know that there are some strange issues with US Airways inventory on British Airways right now.

I booked a US Airways flight with my Avios (British Airways miles) a few days ago.  I went to book another.  It told me there were no partners on that route.


When I book American routes, I get flights.  When I book routes serviced by both airlines, I only get American flights.  And US Airways only routes?  The error above or:

Avios error

I hope its just a quick issue, but for now, it looks like you can’t book any US Airways flights.

Edit for update:

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  1. I have the same problem. I want to transfer another 50k MR points to BA to take advantage of the 40% transfer bonus which ends today, but I don’t want to do that if I can’t book short haul US flights.

  2. Pretty sure this has been going on for about a week – ever since the alignment of fares by US Airways.

  3. Supposed to be fixed by tomorrow (Feb 1st). We’ll see.

  4. Book via phone today, no problem with agent finding the space and no booking fee charged.

  5. Based on my experience, this problem only occurs when BA shows phantom award space that is not actually there. I’d run the same award flight search on side by side.

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