Avios Booking of US Airways Still Down–Here’s a Way Around

Booking US Airways flights with Avios is still not working despite rumors it would be fixed by February 1st.

People have reported, myself included, that they have been able to book over the phone.

The only problem is–the phone system for booking with Avios is a bit overloaded and keeps giving a busy signal when too many people are calling in.

Turns out, it doesn’t really make a difference which choice you select when calling.  Selecting a revenue ticket on the menu options still gets you someone who can successfully book an Avios award trip, and that line was working just fine.

Try pretending to book the flight on US Airways’ website first to see the flight numbers you want so you can guide the agent when booking, rather than rely on them to tell you what’s available.  It’s easier to proactively ask for flights you are interested in rather than them list what you can book through them.

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  1. Phone wait times right now are over two hours for AA US Air or BA.
    Since mid January, BA/Avios has removed all partner flights (AA or US air) from availability. It is no longer possible to find any domestic flights from Phoenix to any other US city no matter what dates or routings are tried.. This pretty much coincided with the timing of their announcement of rate changes. Anyone have any idea what is going on?

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