Important T&Cs on the Free Lifetime Shoprunner Deal

shoprunnerView from the Wing posted a deal offering a free lifetime subscription to Shoprunner.  This is an amazing deal.  The kind that makes me jump up and down and sit on cloud nine for a while.  Definitely check it out.  Shoprunner lets you get free 2-day shipping from sites that don’t normally offer it such as FTD, Delias, Toys/BabysRUs, and PetSmart.  There’s a ton of stores, and you can see all of them here.

But I wanted to mention some important terms and conditions in the promotion.  You can inadvertently end your free lifetime subscription if you do not pay attention to what card you keep as the default.

From the T&Cs:

Maintaining the Benefit.
ShopRunner has an Express Checkout feature that makes it faster to complete purchases online at participating stores. If you choose to use Express Checkout to complete a purchase, billing information from the payment method you set as the default in your ShopRunner account will be provided to the participating ShopRunner store at checkout unless you use a different payment method for that purchase. When you enroll an eligible Card for this benefit, that Card will be set as your default payment method in Express Checkout.

To maintain this benefit on your ShopRunner account, you must keep an eligible Card as its default payment method in Express Checkout. The benefit may be cancelled on your ShopRunner account if you change your default payment method to anything other than an eligible Card.

If you change your default payment method to a different eligible Card, that new eligible Card will be enrolled in the benefit. The same eligible Card cannot serve as the default payment method in Express Checkout for more than one ShopRunner account enrolled in the benefit.

This is important.  Your default payment doesn’t have to be the card you want to pay with–just remember to change the card when you are at check-out.  But if you signed up using a card you only expect to keep for a year (such as the American Express Platinum Card, like a lot of people do), make sure you switch the default to another American Express Card that would qualify for this promotion before cancelling that card.

What makes an eligible card?

An “eligible Card” means an American Express U.S. Consumer or Small Business credit or charge Card that is not cancelled and that is issued to you by a U.S. banking subsidiary of American Express. Prepaid cards and products, American Express Corporate Cards and American Express-branded cards or account numbers issued by other financial institutions are not eligible.

So the tl/dr of this is:

1.  You must keep the AmEx card as your default card for the lifetime of the account.

2.  If you cancel that AmEx card, you can swap in an eligible card, but make sure you actually do that!

If you wanted to use your extra AmEx cards to sign up family members for this promotion, please remember they have access to your credit card after that–and MUST–for the lifetime of their lifetime subscription.

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  1. “So the tl/dr of this is:”

    What’s “tl/dr” mean?


    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      tl/dr means too long, didn’t read. It’s used when people write posts detailing why terms and conditions (or anything else technical) are the way they are, but the TL/DR just summarizes what you should learn from the post.

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