Hyatt’s Spring Promo Helps the Perks Add Up Faster

Hyatt just released news about a promotion where every 3 nights, you can earn 3,000 points.  (If you have a Hyatt Credit card, you get a 20% bonus on these points too).  This maxes out at 45,000 points, or 45 nights in a three-month period, March 1-May 31st.  Mommy Points lays out a great comparison here.  (Registration links will be available February 15th).

Although this isn’t groundbreaking, it is certainly better than nothing.  And maybe I’m just an optimistic-type personality, but I’ve internalized this promo as, “Every six nights, you get a free suite upgrade!”  Gary from View from the Wing lays out a thorough explanation of the upgrade policy (and when to use it), but in a nutshell, when you pay the Best Available Rate for a Hyatt room, you only need to spend 6,000 to upgrade up to four nights to a suite.

At some properties where I have made use of a suite, one night has been 32,000 points, or $850.  PER NIGHT.  This benefit stretches the suite across four.

Most my travel has been business travel, so I’m not going to use my points for full stays.  (And I sometimes complain I don’t have enough time to do leisure travel in between my work travel and mileage runs, so I tend to stock pile my points).  So when I am traveling for work, it is great to add a little perk to my stay.  I’ve been upgrading my work stays to suites so after a tiring day of running around like a lunatic, I can plop onto a couch.

Not all my stays are upgrade eligible–I bounce around between Hyatts, Hyatt Places, and Hyatt House, so I see this promo as sustaining my suites without eating into my points.

I currently have 14 paid nights booked at Hyatts during this promo (and 24 total* if you include reward nights–a vacation falls between these work trips!)  I probably won’t actively book a fifteenth night just to get another set of points, but I still haven’t booked some work travel, so figure it will work itself out.

*If you think this is crazy, I also have 4 Starwood nights and 4 Club Carlson nights booked during this promotion too, putting me into a hotel for over one-third of my time.


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