American Airlines / US Airways Merger Announcement Expected Next Week

Am I going to be an America Airlines elite soon?  It’s looking like American and US Airways are going be announcing a merger on Monday.

Sources say US Airways CEO Doug Parker will likely take over, and American’s Tom Horton will be given an honorary position on the board.

The big questions for me are, how will upgrades work, and will American’s treatment of Elites in first class win out?  (I hope upgrades work like US AirwaysEDIT: See comments, and American’s elite status wins out).

I also feel the need to point out that American’s Tom Horton’s name always makes me crave donuts.  One letter off from deliciousness.


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  1. You’re a Chairmans member though, right?

    If so, you actually hope that American’s upgrade system wins out. American Executive Platinums get complimentary unlimited upgrades. And they get (8) confirmed at booking [subject to availability] systemwide upgrades each year with no fare restrictions.

  2. haha, for the longest time, I thought Tom Horton’s name was Tim Horton! 🙂

    I’m kinda torn on this (as an AA EXP). I think there’s nothing about US Airways service that I would want adopted by AA…on the other hand, US Air generally offers some of the best fares out of DCA.

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