The Hyatt Zilara’s Chef’s Plate

The Hyatt Zilara has a restaurant that you can only access if you have a specific room type.  As a Diamond member of Hyatt, I was upgraded to this room type and was about to get reservations in the Chef’s Plate restaurant.

I read up that the restaurant is more of a molecular gastronomy type place, and the menus were the chef’s whim of the day.

Everyone is seated at one intimately sized table.


We experienced a few courses.


This was an egg topped with black truffle with a bread wrap.  While it was whimsical and pretty, it basically tasted like egg and toast.  Which was an odd flavor to get on my palate at dinner before the other courses.


This was my favorite.  It was squid and garlic cut similarly so that it was difficult to tell the difference.  It’s hard to see how cool it looked from the photo, but pieces were literally roasted into the plate and it was fun to scrape them off.



Shrimp in a bisque which tasted just fine.


A chopped fruit palate cleanser.


Lamb shank with asparagus which was good.


I don’t even remember eating this.  It looks sweet but part of me wants to say it is actually potato based?  But I really don’t remember eating this.


This was a sort of passion fruit pastry topped with cream.

All in all, the meal was good but not great.  I wouldn’t try to get an upgraded room for this experience.  We did enjoy talking with the other couples, and we made a set of new friends.  But if food were the determining factor, we would have rather spent the night at the tapas place again.

The food was interesting in concept. It looked pretty.  But it wasn’t very memorable.  And I don’t really want to eat a soft-boiled egg and toast in front of my meal again.

I’ve seen rave reviews for this particular place before which makes me wonder if this was downgraded as part of the Hyatt, or if the concept of this type of place was just lost on me.  If it was downgraded, again, your experience may vary because the restaurants were getting nicer while we were staying there.


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