The Hyatt Credit Card Covers Damage to Your Purchases

hyatt chase card

I’ve been using my Hyatt Card a lot lately and I completely missed this benefit.

The Hyatt Chase Credit Card covers damage and theft for purchases up to $500 per item, and $50,000 per account.

Even though I don’t remember a time I damaged an expensive new product within the first half of year, I’m always paranoid I’m going to.  So coverage like this gives me peace of mind.

So if you accidentally drop your new iPad while running for a flight, if you bought it with the Hyatt Credit Card, you are covered.  (Other cards have coverage like this as well–the American Express Platinum Card for example has amazing coverage but a steep annual fee).

Unnecessary Disclaimer:  I do not get affiliate credit for this, but I do like typing fine print on things.  #lawyer


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  1. You had better use amex for heavy purchases as getting chase to pay out is a pita

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