I Caused My Husband to Be in Possession of a Stolen Vehicle

Pickpockets in ParisSometimes websites can have weird glitches.  This specific glitch caused my husband to be in possession of a stolen vehicle.

I was booking a 9-day rental for us in Dallas.  I was booking it in Bill’s name because he has really good status with National.

I price compared first, and then decided to go forward with the National rental.

During the booking, I was prompted to login.  So I did, as him.

It gave me the option to do a quick booking.  This is where you book a mid-size rental automatically (which gives us access to the Executive rental lane).

I hit okay, and it was booked.

I closed the window and went to sleep.

Here’s where things go wrong.  The confirmation went to my husbands email.  He trusts me (perhaps too much) to book all our travel so didn’t even look at the confirmation.

But somehow throughout this process, my 9-day rental reverted to a one week.

We’ve been having a crazy week, so my husband wasn’t able to check his personal email a few days ago.  Which is how he missed the really polite email suggesting we have a vehicle way past its time.


I utilized Babs since we were on the run and asked her to explain the situation.  National was really understanding and said that’s happened before and easily adjusted our reservation.

But it’s a reminder to recheck everything.  I’ve booked Hyatt stays that somehow reverted to the day of booking after I hit book.  (Meaning, I would book January 23rd on December 1st, and it would suddenly be a booking for December 1st).

It’s essential to check everything, and usually I’m an obsessive neurotic with this stuff, but not having the email go to my own email box meant everything.


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