When Hotels Surprise and Delight; Business Credit Cards with No Business; Monkey at Comic Con

You booked a basic room at a hotel.  You get your room key, open the door, and see an amazing suite.  Amazing, you think, but how did I swing that?!

The Hotelion has a great post on the art of saying thank you and showing appreciation.

I’ve been in some amazing suites.


I haven’t always booked a suite when I end up in one.

Once, the manager of a hotel sent out an itinerary of events at the hotel to everyone with reservations.  I wrote back, Thanks!

The manager wrote back, You’re welcome!  Enjoy the suite!

Suite?  I didn’t book a suite.  Sure enough, I show up and find myself in a two bedroom suite.

Believe it or not, this questions gets asked a lot—do you need a business to get a business credit card?

The Short Final has the answer.

There’s a monkey at Comic Con.  And he’s reporting back his experience.  Here’s his trip report from the Marriott Marquis San Diego.

baby monkey

Miles the Monkey is much better behaved than that monkey on the Frontier flight on Tuesday.

I’ve read that flight attendants say people on flights to Vegas tend to be crazy–but this is ridiculous.


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