Great Sale on SD Cards Today

After my brand new computer died a fiery pretty non-eventful death, I decided to invest in a cheap Chromebook just in case.  One thing about Chromebooks is you rely heavily on SD cards for storage, so I was poking around Amazon looking for cards.  Then saw a set significantly less than the other sets.

Turns out I accidentally (fortuitously) ran into a sale.

Silicon power SD Card

They have the 32 gig for $9.99 and the 64 gig for $22.99.  The 128 gig is not on sale and is significantly more expensive than some others, and the 16 gig is out of stock.

The real deals is the 32 gig card and I quickly snatched it up.  It was about 50% cheaper than anything else I was seeing on the site.

Please know, I do receive affiliate credit from Amazon.  I don’t for most of their sales, but I honestly have no idea if this would qualify or not.  Feel free to purchase without the affiliate link!

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  1. You have to be careful with very-inexpensive SD cards — some do not actually have as much memory as they claim. Instead, the sleazy people who make them use clever directory firmware that shows 32 GB, but there is actually only 2 or 8 GB.

    A web search will find freeware that actually tries to load 32 GB of random data, then determines if it’s really there. You can also do that yourself, loading a few thousand photos or some video onto the card, then trying to open some of them.

    If you do get stuck with one of these cards, when you get home from vacation only a fraction of your photos will have been saved.

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