Great Sale on Different Travel Electronics Today (but must act quickly)

I was pleased to wake up to some good sale items on travel electronics today.  I feel like the sales on Amazon have been a little weak lately and Prime Day wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped.  In fact, it reminded me a little of when my grandmother cleans out her attic and starts calling me to ask if I need an asparagus server.

(Sorry, grandma).

This woman gets so excited whenever there's a sale, she lifts up the bag she had made for this VERY OCCASION.
This woman gets so excited whenever there’s a sale, she lifts up the bag she had made for this VERY OCCASION.

Anyway, the deals.  Some of these are lightning deals, so they won’t be around in a few hours.  The prices in the pictures may not match what I say because lightning deals aren’t reflected in Amazon’s “preview window”.  However, these prices will expire at some point.


On sale for less than $6.  I use this for my Galaxy S5.  It lights up (to warn you), but that’s part of what I like about it.

A Micro-USB charger that also converts from a micro usb – USB to a  micro-micro.  What this means is you can directly move files between two phones.  On sale for less than $6.

A dual-usb car charger for $8.50.  It still allows you to use the cigarette lighter part of the car (which I don’t use, but hey, someone might).  What I like about it is it produces enough amps to charge an iPad.

A two-pack of micro USB charging cables.  I can’t get enough of these.  They charge my phone.  They charge my Kindle.  They recharge my spare batteries.  I like to have as many things plugged in as possible when traveling. It’s $5.50 for two.

And to keep all those electronics charged, a portable  multi-USB charger.  This specific model is a quick charger and also has enough amps to charge an iPad–something you need to be careful about with splitter-type chargers.  (I had one cause my iPad to discharge!)  It’s on-sale for $30.

Also, totally unrelated but…

There’s a sale on a R2D2 popcorn maker.  I never knew I wanted one until this moment.

Grandma, do you have one of these in your attic?

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