Get Two McFlurries Delivered Straight to You for Free

Depending on where you live, it might not be the weather for it, but McDonalds and Postmates are offering two free McFlurries delivered directly to you for free.

We saw this recently with Starbucks and Postmates, and my mentions section on Twitter filled up with the hour with people snapshotting their purchases (so it seriously is legit!)

Unfortunately, delivery is not $1.99, as it was with Starbucks.  It rang up as $8.75 for delivery for me.  But if it is your first order, you can get the delivery fee for free too with the code 676L for free delivery (which will give me free delivery).

I believe you can get it until 6pm in your local time zone (at least, that’s how it is showing for me).


You can download the Postmate’s app here.

I’ve been a fan of the Postmate services the few times I’ve ordered from them.  I like using them to get takeout from places that don’t normally deliver to my office.

Postmates is mostly in and around major cities.  To see if Postmates will deliver a McFlurry to you, check out this link and scroll to the bottom.  If your city is available, they probably will (though ultimately, YMMV).

The deal does not allow any substitutions.

The deal is for only two McFlurries per person.

When they did this promotion for Starbucks, it continuously popped up randomly.  I have no idea what they’ll do this time, so YMMV!

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