Get Three Months of a Fitness Sample Box for Only $10, Then Earn $15 Free

I subscribe to monthy boxes that don’t fall under travel or beauty, so I don’t tend to write about them.

One of my favorite boxes, the Bulu Box, has a really great promo right now that I wanted to share.  You can get three months for the price of one with the coupon code BEATGOALS.

Bulu Box is a fitness based box.  Its offerings include food samples, fitness tools/equipment, DVDs, and supplements/vitamins.

Bulu Review Entire Box

The samples are mostly generously sized.  The only ones that make less sense to me are the vitamin samples.  They never give you enough to know if it “works,” but it is enough to know if you hate taking it, I suppose.

Here are some things I’ve really liked from previous boxes:

Bulu Review flapJacked protein pancake

Protein heavy pancake mix.  Part of the reason I avoid pancakes in the morning is because it doesn’t keep me full for a while.  These fixed that and tasted delicious as well.

Bulu Review Proto Whey Ultraburn powercrunch

The first protein powder I’ve ever liked.

bulu review powercrunch protein energy bar


And these tasty energy bars that keep you full for a while too.

The other thing about taking advantage of this offer is you get credit back for reviewing products.  Each month, you can earn $5-$10, depending on how many samples they send you.

If you review each product, you will earn at least $15 in credits with only spending $10.

Just be careful because your credit only lasts for 90 days.  I’d wait for the last possible second to review the first box and then review the third box right away in order to take advantage of your credit.

You can sign up for Bulu Box here.  It defaults to giving you one month at a time, so make sure you select the three box option so you can use the coupon code BEATGOALS.  Also make sure you cancel any occurrence if you think you will not want to use it past the original purchase.

Please note I do get a little bit of credit if you use my link, however, this doesn’t earn me free boxes.  It’s similar to the credit you receive reviewing a product, so I won’t get rich off this!  However, if you don’t want to use my links, be my guest!  If you do, I appreciate it.

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  1. I tried signing up and it says the promo code is not valid. It appears to default to the monthly box instead of the 3 month box even when I delete it and try again. Do you know how long the promo code is good for? I may have to try again tomorrow.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      If you click Join Bulu on the top left of the webpage, it’ll bring you to the beginning of the process and let you pick 3 boxes at a time. Hope that helps!

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