Get Spa Treatments for $50 This Week

Spa Week is coming up tomorrow, and it is a great opportunity to try out a spa on your travels or even test a new place at home.

Spa Week is October 17th-23rd.  Each spa usually offers three different treatments for $50 each.


I use Spa Week to take advantage of treatments I usually find a bit too expensive to do regularly.  I’ll get a relaxing pumpkin mask or a rejuvenating body wrap.  Mmmm…

I usually get massages, so I don’t tend to indulge in that during Spa Week.  But–if you were looking for a new type of massage to try out, I highly recommend getting a hot stone massage if one is available in your area.  The stones feel like hot butter, melting into your skin.

The Spa Week appointments tend to fill up, so if you are going to take advantage, book now!

As an FYI, I had trouble booking the appointment by clicking on the big banner.  It took me to a gift card purchase page instead.  I had to scroll down further and click on another link.

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  1. If you book at a location that accepts Spa & Wellness Gift Cards you can earn bonus miles by purchasing through shopping portals like Alaska’s Mileage Plan Shopping or United Mileage Plus X!

  2. Thanks for the reminder, I got my appointment this week! No hot-stone massages were offered near me; had to go with a diamond tip microdermabrasion facial. =)

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