How to Get Discounted (or even free) Tickets to Disneyland HK

I rarely, rarely ever see discounts on anything Disney related, but Ed Pizza in Motion has the scoop on how you can get up to 10% off Disneyland HK.  He also explains how his friend got Disney tickets for free by using a credit card with a travel credit.  (It apparently counts!)

You can check out his post on the discount here.

disneyland hong kong

I’ve been trying to plan out a Disney World trip myself, but the flights just haven’t been working out for me cost-wise and timing-wise.

Though it’s hard for me to complain about flight timing when a fan was able to visit all five parks in 72 hours.  Wow.

Disneyland Hong Kong is relatively young (12 years old).

Believe it our not, I’ve never been to the California Disneyland (but I have a trip there coming up in the next few months).

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  1. Just got back from HK. Went to HK Disney and I have to say it was rather boring. It seems like it’s more geared towards costumed characters walking around for photo ops than rides. I only thought 2 rides were worth it, their version of Thunder Mtn railroad and their versison of haunted house (can’t remember the exact name). It’s much smaller than LA Disney, although we didn’t have to wait for any rides so we were able to knock the whole thing out in a little over half a day. The food was good, much better than Disneyland. For some reason (reminding me of Tokyo) they sell characters in the stores in the shape of little puffy hamster balls. There are racks of them and you can stack them (my son thought that was cool). It was fine, but if you’re time is limited in HK you might want to skip it unless you’re a die hard disney fan.

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