Get a Free Air Filter for Your Home ($20 value)

While doing my “spend only $100 a week” challenge, I became acutely aware of how much every single item I buy costs.  At one point, I needed to replace the air filter in my house, and was floored by the prices on

air filter

I ended up driving to Home Depot to get one, but was surprised by how expensive it still was.  This is a product you are supposed to change pretty often!

Granted, I have a ton of allergies (Having an Allergic Reaction Over the Pacific), so I have to get the heavy duty kind.  But before I did the $100 challenge, the cost never really registered in my brain.

So any opportunity to get a $20 product for free is fine by me.

FilterEasy is a service that sends you a new filter every few months (depending on your subscriptions).  They are doing a promotion right now where you can get $20 towards an air filter.

All of their filters are under $20 and come with free shipping, so this will cover any product they have.

Now remember, the purpose of this deal is to either hope you love the service so much you continue using it, or you forget to cancel for a few months.  So as with all deals like this, make sure you put a cancellation reminder in your calendar.

The service uses Flanders filters.  From their website:

Our air filters are made in three grades to meet your allergen-reduction and economic needs. LiteAllergen, MicroAllergen, and SuperAllergen are all manufactured in the US by AAF Flanders, the largest air filter manufacturer in the country. AAF Flanders filters are selected for their quality and value by organizations that require the cleanest air possible, including NASA and large hospital systems.

I also searched around and the website is legitimate and highly-rated.  I “purchased” the SuperAllergen version.


Please note, if you miss a field when registering for the service, it triggers an error message that will say your email address has redeemed this deal already.  This appears to be a bug in the website.  I was surprised when I saw it since I definitely have not received any free air filters.

But I realized I left my address out.  (My autofill skipped it over).  Once I added in my address, the error message about my email address went away.  YMMV.

If you go through my link, I’ll earn credit towards another air filter. If you don’t, I won’t, and that’s okay!


Hat tip to Coupon Cravings.

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  1. Great deal other than if your system uses 4-5″ filters. They only sell the 1″ filters.

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