Get a Private Charter Plane on the 4th for $4

In an effort to stir up some publicity for their chartered plane service, JetSuite will be releasing random flight charters for $4 for travel on July 4th.  These deals will be available on the 3rd, though no time or method has been listed.

JetSuite specializes in short hops.  For $500, you can fly five of your closest friends from New York to Atlantic City.  Or from Boston to Martha’s Vineyard.  Or Denver to Aspen.  That sort of thing.

One catch is that JetSuite does not release where they are flying ahead of time.  So you will not know if they will be servicing your area, though you can set up an alert for that.

Mashable reported on this.

The other catch is that you may not be able to secure the entire round trip for $4.

They have not said anything about how the round trip would work, but there are three possibilities:

1. You can book a round-trip for $4 each way.

2. You can book a one-way for $4 and find your own way home.

3. You can book one-way for $4 if you book the $550 route back home.

They did this special last year, though people reported the flights being $4.30.  That extra 30 cents, man.

There is no information about this on their blog, but from a thread on FlyerTalk, it looked like #2 was true last year.

Here’s a link to someone’s confirmation from the forum.

Please note, you need to sign up for the SuiteDeals to get this deal.  The $7,000 membership is their usual schtick for the main company.  Make sure you are using the “Join now” link immediately above today’s deals on the top right.

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  1. Just to clarify, that confirmation you linked to is not from jetsuite, that is from a similar deal that Jetsmarter did on Valentine’s day.

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