Get All 7 Seasons of Star Trek: TNG for $67.57 Shipped

While the fallout from Brexit continues, the British pound is running very low compared to the dollar right now. That means if you know where to look, there’s some great deals to be had (and not just on travel!)

Amazon UK tends to offer very good pricing for blurays compared to their US counterparts, and many of them are region-free, so can be imported without worrying about compatibility issues.

One deal right now for Star Trek fans is that you can beam all 7 seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation remastered in HD on Bluray to your home for only $67.57 shipped.

(Direct link: , just because sometimes WordPress does something funky to non-US Amazon links)

Star Trek TNG

The price might first appear higher on the listing because it includes European VAT. If you use US billing and shipping info during checkout it’ll lower the price to remove it. Amazon can even do the currency conversion for you, in case your credit card has international transaction fees.

But if you have a credit card, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred, without foreign transaction fees, you can do it directly in pounds.

(Hat tip to my friend Matt!)

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  1. Jeanne Marie Hoffman

    This specific deal seems to to be dead, but the conversion rate is still in our favor for many other items.

  2. 108 GBP = ~155 USD not $67 …. fyi

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