Get $50 Dollar Shave Club Gift Card for $40

Amazon currently has a deal where you can get a dollar shave club gift card for 20% off.  Amazon has a $50 gift card for $40.

I’m currently a subscriber to the dollar shave club (as a woman).

Here’s my previous review:

As I snagged a bag of my usual pastel pink, purple and “mint†razors a few months ago, it suddenly occurred to me that I was paying a few more dollars per bag for my razors to be girly looking.

So I started buying men’s razors.

That didn’t solve another problem of mine.  When I was taking extended work trips (where I was hopping from city to city without going home), the razors were taking up a lot of room in my carry-on.

I don’t like using dull blades (and perhaps am a little OCD with it) but having multiple handled razors were cluttering my bag and I didn’t want to upgrade to expensive razors with changeable blades.

Then I discovered The Dollar Shave Club.

Basically, this is a subscription club for razor blades.  You buy a handle for a few bucks, and they send you the blades once a month.  There are three types:  two blades are $1 per month, three blades are $6 per month, and a gazillion blades is $9 per month.  Shipping runs about $2.

I use the $1 a month on the every other month plan, so I pay $18 a year for blades.

Dollar Shave Club Blades


Now I have a handle permanently in my carry-on, along with a pack of blades.  I have the same set at home.  When I use up some of the blades in my carry on, I just swap it with a full pack, so I never run low.

Sure, it’s not pink.  But it’s cheap.  And it works just as well as the more expensive razors I’d been using.

Anyone else try it?

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