Get ~33% Back from OpenSky Promotions (also, get a $20 Certificate)

Currently, there’s a promotion going on with OpenSky and MyPoints where you can earn about ~33% back in Gift Cards. Mypoints is offering 50 points / $1 on the site–and those 50 point increments can be redeemed for about $0.33 on the site, which is about one-third cash back.

OpenSky is a website aimed towards social shopping–you can see what your favorite celebrities recommend, as well as what your friends recommend.  Many people see it as overpriced, but things go on sale, and some items are just plain cool (though, unnecessary purchases).

MyPoints is a shopping portal where you can earn points for purchases.  It usually isn’t very lucrative because its points aren’t worth much–but in this case, their worth is much higher.

I wrote about OpenSky before, but I have a better promo code credit for you — $20 on the site (though I’m not sure if there is a minimum spend).  Full disclosure, I would get “status points” from your sign up, though I’m not really sure what status does other than give free shipping for holidays.

I would sign up through a link that gets you a $20 credit on the site (so my link or another link–feel free to post yours in the comments), and THEN sign into to get the 50 MyPoints per $1 to maximize the promotion.

You can see what Gift Cards you can earn on MyPoints here.  To give an example, a $75 Marriott gift card is 9,100 points.  A $200 purchase will earn you 10,000 points.  You will get $75 “back” if you were planning a Marriott stay anyway.  That’s 37.5% back!

Last month, OpenSky was offering 150 points per dollar (up to $500), which would pretty much make everything on the site “free” (free in that you would receive the money back in gift cards).  I did not post about it because it was risky at the time.  The terms weren’t clear as to whether you would get MyPoints (awesome!) or OpenSky status points (to… do… what?)  Deals We Like covered this extensively.

Since I’d been wanting one of these ridiculous chairs forever, I took a gamble on a $90 Exercise Ball Chair:

a blue exercise ball on a carpet

I love it, but it’s sort of one of those purchases you probably shouldn’t make.  Low and Behold, the Exercise Ball (and a few other purchases I made) posted to my MyPoints account.  So I can vouch for points posting, but wish I had known in enough time for the 150 points per dollar promo.  Still, if there are things you want on the site (I needed a new scale myself), I totally recommend getting them with this promotion.


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