Get $100 in Postmates Credit (and use it to deliver free food)

Postmates has a promo right now where you can get $100 in free delivery credit when you go through someone’s referral link.

If you are a new time user, you will be eligible for this credit.  In addition, Postmates has deals every so often where you can get certain food items for free.  Usually, you have to pay delivery fees for these free items, but those promos stack with these promos.

We saw this recently with Starbucks and Postmates, and my mentions section on Twitter filled up with the hour with people snapshotting their purchases (so it seriously is legit!).  McDonald’s has also given away pairs of McFlurries.

a hand holding a white cup

You can get $100 in delivery fee credit with the code 676L (which will give me free delivery on one item)

You can download the Postmate’s app here.

I’ve been a fan of the Postmate services the times I’ve ordered from them.  I like using them to get takeout from places that don’t normally deliver to my office.

I also use it to get Starbucks when it is raining (I know, I know).  In some areas, you can use it to have items from Staples or even Gamestop delivered.

Postmates is mostly in and around major cities.  When they did this promotion for Starbucks, it continuously popped up randomly.  I have no idea when they’ll do another one this time, so YMMV!

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  1. I need a referral code!

  2. Your post is a bit garbled. Might want to proofread. Thanks for the info though.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Thanks for letting me know! I edited the post to change the photo size and must have dragged the end of the paragraph to the beginning while doing that!

  3. How long before it expires?

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