Free Ice Cream Tomorrow! (No, not *that* ice cream)

Uber is at it again with Uber Ice Cream.

Last year, Keri and I attacked hailed an Uber Ice Cream car and brought treats up to our office.

Oh, and for ourselves.


This time, Uber is teaming up with Capital One, and you can get your Uber Ice Cream for free.

From their blog:

Our friends at Capital One are offering a free order of ice cream to eligible Capital One cardholders in the United States on Friday, July 24, 2015. Add your Capital One card as a payment method and enter promo code SWEETDEAL in the Uber app before requesting.

I can’t have ice cream right now, but I’m tempted to dig out my Capital One card from where ever it is to get some for my coworkers.

Just a reminder–when selecting a “car type”, select Ice Cream.  If you select De Blasio, that ice cream ain’t ever coming.

(If you need to sign up for Uber and feel like using my link to do so, it’s here: | If no one uses it, I won’t be offended.  But I will be jealous of your ice cream.)

Hat tip to Matt C. for passing this along.

Edit: There seems to be confusion around where this will be offered.  According to Uber, it’s ” hundreds of cities around the world,” not just a limit geographic location.  You can type your location in to get full information for your area.  The only caveat on the free ice cream is that the credit card must be US issued.

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