Free Coffee Today for National Coffee Day!

coffee with creamToday is a day I love — free coffee day!  I’m writing about it now because in a few hours, I’ll probably have a bad case of the shakes and won’t be able to blog anymore.

But the “Free Coffee” specials at different restaurants have changed this year.

Here are the ones I know of:

Dunkin’ Donuts: Free Medium Dark Roast Only.  Also, dance and have it captured on video for a chance to win prizes that probably aren’t worth the loss of dignity (but I’ll probably do it anyway).

Krispy Kreme: Free 12 oz coffee (regular, decaf, and dark all included), or upgrade to a mocha/latte/iced coffee for just $1.

Caribou Coffee:  No longer offers free coffee.  Instead, come in for free “samples”.  No word on how large the samples are.  Previous years, they’ve given a free coffee out.

Peet’s Coffee:  Buy one get one for free.  This includes espresso beverages though!  A Peet’s opened up really close to me (and I’m a huge fan), so I’m going to drag someone over there (or just get two).

McDonalds:  A free small coffee during breakfast hours only.  But they’ve been giving away free breakfast coffee for about two weeks now.

If you know if any other ones, feel free to put them in the comments!


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  1. 2 of the DD location told me NO to free coupon when I asked today. the employees didn’t even know about their own promotion and the boss who i called told me some may or may not give free he doesn’t know but he says he never gives free stuffs at his store.

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