Free Audible Channel Subscription for All Amazon Prime Members (not a trial!)

Amazon continues to expand the benefits of a Prime membership!

Now, all US Prime members will receive a free subscription to Audible Channels, valued at $60/year.

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From the Amazon info page:

Hear gifted narrators bring stories to life. Choose from a collection of best sellers, family favorites, celebrity-narrated classics and more, available for Prime members to stream anytime, anywhere at no additional cost.

This is not a free trial and you won’t be charged extra after signing up.  However, it is important to note that Audible Channels is a different product from regular Audible (so do not sign up for the 30-day, unless you want to).

The Audible service that’s part of the 30-day trial lets you download audio books at a discounted cost.  You can choose from a really large number of books and your audio book will be avaliable offline.

The Amazon Channels service is streaming only.  You cannot choose from all the Audible content.  Only books on a curated Amazon list are avaliable.  However, this service also has content that is not avaliable for download through the regular Audible service (plus it is free if you have Prime).

This is US only, and works through the Audible app (subscription to the Audible trial is not needed to use the app).

The service includes bedtime stories read by Nick Offerman.

2016-09-16 17.27.33

There are also best sellers on the list, dramatic readings of books that got turned into movies, and celebrity readings.  There are different categories, and about a dozen or less books per categories, but it sounds as if the content is going to rotate over time (and that they’ll be building up the content recorded exclusively for the service).

I have not tried this out yet, but you can probably get around the streaming part by beginning the stream at home while on Wifi, pausing, and giving it some time to cache before taking it on the road.  Again, I haven’t tried that out yet, but it could be a good way of avoiding high data charges due to streaming.

Hat tip to reader Matt C. for telling me about this!

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