Free 6-Month Subscription to Boingo Wireless (no credit card required!)

Amazon is offering 6-months of Boingo Wireless, no strings attached.

To take advantage of this limited offer, simply download the Boingo Wi-Finder app with the “Actually Free” sash from Amazon Underground on your Android phone and create a free Boingo account.

There are no ads to watch, no in-app upsell and no credit card required; just instant free access to Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots around the country. Select one of the options below to download from your Android phone and enjoy 6 months of free Wi-Fi. Device compatibility may vary

Hat tip to Slick Deals!

She's so happy she has free wifi.
She’s so happy she has free wifi.

So what does Boingo let you do?

According to their website:

With a Boingo subscription, Passpoint streamlines your Wi-Fi connection experience. No more finding a Wi-Fi network and connecting with an app or entering your username and password on a login screen. Simply walk into a Passpoint-certified location and bam! Your device automatically connects. Enrolling in Passpoint only takes a few seconds and there is no extra charge. Simple and get started now!

I used to have a Boingo subscription to get access in airports before I had lounge access.  Since then, I’ve cancelled my subscription, since most place, I can get wifi.

And the T&Cs for this are:

“Q: What are the requirements for eligibility to receive a free six month Boingo Wi-Fi subscription?

A: This offer is valid for Android device owners in the US that download the recently released Boingo Wi-Finder app from Amazon Underground and create a new Boingo account on or before December 31, 2016. There are no ads to watch, no in-app upsell, and no credit card required; just instant free access to Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots around the country. See terms and conditions.

Q: What if I already have a Boingo Wireless subscription?

A: We’re glad you’re enjoying Boingo! If you want to take advantage of this six month offer, you’ll be creating a new account with a different username during the redemption process. If you want to temporarily suspend your original Boingo account, contact

Q: I downloaded the Boingo Wi-Finder app from Amazon Underground and signed up for a new Boingo account, where do I find my free six month subscription?

A: You’ve already got it. The app you downloaded on your Android device notifies you when you are in a Boingo hotspot and connects you automatically. On your additional device, simply download the app and sign in with your username and password.

Q: How many devices can I use to get six months free Wi-Fi with my new Boingo account?

A: You can use two devices per account. Those two may include any combination of smartphones, tablets and laptops. The Android device you used to sign up for your account will count as your first device. To add or remove a device, visit

Q: What happens after my six-month subscription expires?

A: To keep the Wi-Fi flowing, simply sign up for a Boingo Wi-Fi plan here, or call 1-800-880-4117 and ask for your account to be upgraded!

Q: Why are Boingo Wireless and Amazon Underground offering this to their customers?

A: Customers tell us they love having access to apps, games and unlimited in-app items that are actually free – no strings attached. Amazon Underground is the best place to find quality apps and games like Office Suite Professional, Star Wars: KOTOR, Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, CityMaps2Go Pro and Sonic Dash without the cost, and we are excited to continue to add value for our customers through exclusive offers like six months of fast, free Wi-Fi from Boingo Wireless.”

Seems like a pretty good deal, especially since you don’t have to remember to cancel!

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