Free $150 Gift Bundle with Julep Box Monthly Subscription

Julep Box is one of those subscription services I did for a few months, and then I was good.  I loved the products I got from them, but you can only get so much makeup.

During the holidays, they usually have amazing deals (clearance and then a % off the clearance), and that’s how I round out my nail polish collection.

Julep produces beauty products, which you can find in retailers like Amazon or Nordstroms.  Their Maven box is a montly curated set of beauty products that coordinate with each other.

It is $25/month at full-price but will decrease in price if you sign up for multiple months at a time.

If you’ve been considering signing up for their monthly Maven box, this is the best deal I’ve seen in the few years I’ve used Julep.

When you sign up, you can get a free gift bundle valued at $150.

To get the free bundle, just use the code COLOR8.


As a member, you get special offers, discounts, and free shipping on regular products.

The great thing about the boxes is that you have a choice when it comes to what collection you get.  So you can choose a color palette that really works for you.  I like this better than other general beauty boxes because I personally, for example, can’t pull off purple lipstick.

From the FAQ:

Each My Maven monthly beauty box includes over $40 worth of new beauty innovations and/or limited-run nail colors.

Each Maven Luxe Box includes over $60 worth of beauty products.

All My Maven and Maven Luxe subscribers have the options to personalize their monthly beauty box by picking exactly what they want, upgrade to a curated box, and/or add on additional beauty products and polish to their boxes every month.

Please know, if you take advantage of this offer, I’ll also get credit for referring you.  As always, I appreciate the support!



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  1. Soooo I guess I could get a 1 month subscription ($24.99) and cancel as soon as that one and the $150 gift are in?

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