Free $10 Amazon Gift Card When You Sign Up for Free Audible Trial

There’s a great deal going on Amazon right now where you can get a free $10 gift card with almost no effort.

If you sign-up for a 3-month free trial to Audible, you’ll get a $10 gift card added to your account.  After that, you have 90 days to actually use the gift card, which shouldn’t be too difficult!

The free trial also comes with three free audio book downloads.

audible subscription

There’s one huge condition:  you must be an Amazon Prime member to get this deal.  

You can sign up for a free Amazon Prime 30-Day trialInvalid request error occurred. and still get this deal, but if you are not planning to keep the membership, you may want to save the 30-day trial for the holiday season (if you plan on ordering a lot online).  It depends on your personal trade-offs.

It is the 12-days of Prime (Amazon’s version of Christmas in July without calling it that), where the deals are supposed to get better each day, but I’ve found Amazon’s deals to not be as good lately, so YMMV (and I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised).  But if you do choose to get a Prime membership, you are eligible to participate in these deals.

Today’s theme is Situs Slot Gacor, if you haven’t seen it already, though based on some of the items, that’s loosely interpreted.

But an important reminder/note:  This service will automatically renew after 90 days.  You also cannot download more than one book per month.

I recommend setting a calendar reminder to download each book.  On the third month, also set a reminder to cancel right after downloading that book.

If you have no interest in audio books, I’d cancel as soon as you got the credit delivered.

I used to use Audible when I used to drive from Michigan to New York.  It kept me sane, but it was pricey.  So I think I purchased three book total and listened to them over and over and over again.

One of those books was Welcome to the Monkey House, which I highly recommend.  The story is great, but even more importantly for long car rides–the readers’ voices are very pleasant to listen to.

This deal is good through July 12th.

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  1. We have a prime membership but I don’t see anything that says we’ll get a $10 Amazon credit with this deal. Maybe that was only good for the one day?

  2. I see now the $10 credit is available only on the 7th and the 12th. When I tried to get it it said “The Audible free trial offer is only available to new members.”

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