Fly from New York to Paris for Only $299

Right now, you can get a round-trip from Newark to Paris for only $299.  As always, the wonders of travel deals, the Flight Deal, has the details.  They go into what dates you can purchase this travel for, as well as any things you need to take into consideration.


This trip has a huge thing you need to take into consideration.

From the Flight Deal description:

Be mindful of WOW’s fees. If you are traveling with anything more than a small backpack that is more than 22 pounds, you should prepay for luggage at $67.50 per leg or $135 roundtrip. WOW only allows one free bag up to 22 lbs as carry-on and no free checked luggage. Anything beyond that and there will be a FEE. WOW Air WILL CHECK the weight of each bag. So realistically, the cheapest this will be for most travelers is $435 roundtrip.

But I think this trip is doable without needing to pack a heavy bag.  I would bring items I could pair together in different ways, plus forgo my laptop.  This would be a great weekend trip.

I have a lot of business travel in this time frame, but I need to look at it carefully.  I wouldn’t mind a Paris trip in between, especially now that I’m not so focused on getting elite status.

I subscribe to the Flight Deals tweets and check them pretty often.  I may have booked deals during work meetings.  (If my boss is reading this, disregard the last sentence).

I can jump on fares when there’s still lots of availability and I don’t miss out on the deals I want to take advantage of.

I’ve shared my process of “subscribing†to great fares.

This process involves signing up for twitter.  Even if you won’t be an active user of twitter, it’s a good idea to have an account to take advantage of deals on contests in general.

You can see my post on this here.

The Flight Deal has deals for: †from NYC / BOS / PHL / DC / MIA / DFW / PHX / LAX / SFO / PDX / SEA and ORDâ€

I recommend following them even if you aren’t in those areas because they are gateway cities.  There’s a lot of good international deals–worth the effort flying out to the gateway.

Fare Deal Alert: Atlanta, Charlotte, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Orlando, and San Diego

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