Final Fantasy XV on Sale for $35 on Both Xbox and PS

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XV and it is a great game so far.  I got it at full price, but today, the price dropped down to $35 on Amazon.

FFXV is very different from the old Final Fantasy games, which I like better.  The old style (which some prefer), is more of the JRPG turn-based style.

This version is done through an action-oriented fighting style.  The genre of the game is still an RPG, but the fighting elements aren’t the traditional FF styles.  They are more like Fable or Skyrim ( <3 to both of those ).

You can also wander around, and there’s a self-referential humor in the game about the side quests.

What always bothered me about Fable 3 (as much as I loved the game) was that it was unrealistic that random townspeople are asking the king/queen to deliver packages for them still.  (Can you deliver this package for me?  You’ll be my bleedin’ mate!)

There are jokes about trying to keep the prince busy by “throwing some work his way,” and at some point, someone related to a tabloid catches wind that you are running around hunting beasts for pay.  It totally acknowledges the weirdness that are sidequests and embraces them.

The graphics are also amazing.  Amazon has this “clip,” which I think doesn’t even do this battle scene justice:


The only part that is a downside to me is that I usually like to be a spellcaster in these types of games, but casting spells is a bit complicated.  I do love my melee weapons though!

It’s the Amazon deal of the day, so it’ll at $35 all day long today.

If you want to check it out live, I’ll be streaming it on Twitch all evening, starting at 7pm Eastern time.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this one, Jeanne! I purchased the game as soon as you mentioned it. It’s currently out of stock, but at least I locked in on that price–score! Unfortunately I couldn’t catch your stream for long yesterday but I hope it all went well with the giveaways and stuff 🙂

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