The Driskill Hotel (or, a night in a haunted hotel)

On my most recent trip to Austin, I decided to stay in the Driskill, a historic property new to the Hyatt family.  It’s supposedly the most haunted hotel in the United States, but definitely not the first haunted hotel I’ve stayed in.

The hotel definitely has an old-school luxury feel to it.


The rooms were historic feeling, and a bit creaky.  (or was that the ghost?!)

I had a junior suite.



A modern TV sits above a very retro mirrored console.


The TV looked even more out of place in the next room.


The bed was fairly comfortable, and the bedding was a great temperature (usually hotels’ are too hot!)


The one downside was this was the view out each window:


No sunlight got in the room because of this.  When I woke up in the morning, I assumed it was before 5am when it was actually after 9!

I made a new long-horned friend in the bar downstairs.


And there is a permanent area set up for live acts.


From 5-7 on weekdays and 4-7 on weekends, the bar appetizers are half off.  We picked up an order of brussel sprouts and chorizo stuffed bacon wrapped dates.



Both were excellent, but the brussel sprouts had more of an Asian influence than I was expecting (but still enjoyed very much!)

The clerk at check in told us she believed we got “something like $42 to the restaurant†for breakfast.  So we grabbed brunch at their restaurant, 1886.

The Austin American Breakfast:


And Huevos Rancheros:


The food was excellent and the coffee was Illy.  But if you are used to speedy service from the Northeast, this establishment operates at Austin speed.  Which was fine by us!  We were eating outdoors and had a spot with the perfect amount of sun.

We charged $42.68 to the room and it was all taken off.

All in all, it was an enjoyable visit.  I would stay again, but probably not often.  I am a modern-type of girl and the historic hotel is nice, but is historic in what it can offer.


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