Double Your Money with the Amazon Deal

Grand Theft AutoThe deal to get free credit on by “buying” free apps is still on.  You don’t need to download anything, so take advantage of it before it is gone!  Free money!  (It’s worth $10 in Amazon credits).

A helpful reader posted in the comments about how to double your money by purchasing Grand Theft Auto for free using the credits you earned above.  Check out his post on how to do that now.

 If you got the credits from the first deal, there’s no downside to this because you are spending some of the credits you already earned to earn 2,000 more credits.  You are making just over double your original credits from this method.

In this case, that’s a game I think more of the readers of this blog would play than let’s say, Chef Panda’s cooking extravaganza.  (Which… I haven’t played…. at… all…. really!  –was that convincing?–)


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  1. Wasn’t the GTA app pulled/had the credits removed?

  2. I’m on the road so I can’t fully follow-up, but at the time I posted this, I had immediately gotten this deal to verify before posting.

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