Dining in Paris: Boco

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While in Paris, I was eating macarons, duck, croissants, and any other sort of fatty rich food I could get my hands on.  At a certain point, while I love French food, I needed a break.

We were looking around at what was near the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme and were feeling take-out-y.  Amid more obvious choices of Asian cuisine, we came across a new concept-take out restaurant—Boco’s organic gourmet.


You can eat in or take out, but you have three different options for how you’d like your food.

The food comes in these cool jelly jars.


You can select appetizers, side dishes, and entrees.  If you would like eat there, they heat it up and plate it for you and bring it out.

If you would like to take out, you have two options.  You can just grab the jelly jars and heat them up later, or have them heat up your jelly jars and package them to go.

They ask that you return the jelly jars to them the next time you are in the area so they can recycle them for future  use.


I was tempted by the salmon and lentil entrée.  It was the light style meal I was looking for.  My mother selected a lamb stew, and we got an order of rice and an order of grilled shrimp to split.



Since we had an abundance of espresso cup saucers and coffee cup sauces, we decided to be fancy and plate it—pairing the items with a bottle of wine we had picked up while in the Loire Valley.




Boco is located in various parts of Paris.  You can find one near the Hyatt Paris Madeline too.

The dish was delicious.  The price point was great for Paris, the food tasted really fresh, and it was really nice spending the last night of our trip in our fancy-schmancy suite.





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