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Amazon has had a new feature called “LaunchPad” which is a step past Kickstarter.  LaunchPad features new products to the market that usually have a unique characteristic.

This week is Startup Week on Amazon, which means many of these LaunchPad products are on sale.

The TubShroom is currently on sale for around $10, and it’s my favorite product on LaunchPad.  


The purpose is simple.  It’s a bathtub drain catch.  But I’ve had trouble getting an effective bathtub drain catch.  Mine always clog up too fast or don’t catch anything at all.  This one allows your hair to wrap around the outside of the plug while draining the water through the middle.  Genius.

Other items on the list include moldable glue, thermometers that talk to your cell phone, strategy games, and a wine holder that seems to defy gravity.


Anyway, check out the collection!

Please note if you purchase anything through my affiliate links, I may receive credit.  As always, I appreciate your support!

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