Charge Your Android Device and Apple Device with the Same Cord

I came across this cool cable on Amazon that has great reviews.

I usually keep a multifunctional cable in my bag–one that could be used to charge a micro USB device or an Apple device.  But you can’t do it all at once.

This cable allows you to plug them both in at once, for about $8.

charge micro lightning

The reviews are positive, and say they have been able to charge an iPad and an Android phone at the same time, without getting that dreaded “not charging” message from the iPad.

From one review:

I can charge both my and my iPhone and my wife’s Blackberry at the same time. I haven’t done all three at the same time because I don’t yet own anything with the USB-C connector, but I ran it though my USB meter and when I plugged in two device, and the power throughput increased so it is capable of high current flow and doesn’t get bogged down by multiple devices splitting the power. It’s not the most flexible cable I have, but it does flex fine and the nylon braid gives it an extra layer of protection. I haven’t received any of the dreaded, “Device not recognized” errors on my iPhone so it is Apple certified. I haven’t tried to sync with it yet, but everything else seems to work good so I assume that will too. I will certainly update my review if there is an issue. All in all, this is a very cool concept that will help to reduce the amount of cables I need to pack around. For less than $8 what more could you ask for? You couldn’t buy the three single cables for anywhere near that price. I like it and fully recommend it!

I have both an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy S5, so this works for me!  I’m thinking especially of when I’m trying to decide *which* device to plug in on the airplane.  I can pop them both in before I fall asleep.

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  1. 3 in one multicable USB is a good way to charge Android or iOS enabled devices but that is not an efficient way to charge Apple devices as this would wreak the battery life a bit inflicted.Otherwise, if the age of your Apple device has been more than 1 year then it is recommended to use such cables.

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