Buy $11 of Cleaning Products from Target, Get $10 in Gift Cards

Not so much a travel deal, but a great deal none the less.

Target currently has a deal where you get two $5 gift cards when you buy four products from a list including Windex, Lysol, Tilex, and Scrubbing Bubbles.

Someone at SlickDeals has figured out how to match up the current sales with this deal.  If you spend $11 on the products they suggest, you will get $10 in Target gift cards.

There is one catch to this deal.  Free shipping isn’t included, so you must do in-store pick up.

There’s a few different mix & matches you can do with the products, so check it out at SlickDeals.

cleaning products

I also recommend subscribing to SlickDeals’ hot deals.  I did this by adding their hot deals page to my RSS feed.  Whenever a deal gets really popular, it pops up on my reader.

I don’t recommend subscribing to every deal on SlickDeals.  Many people post mediocre deals.  This is a good way to vett the deals before you even see them.

For example, I use TrueLime (a powdered lime flavoring).  It popped up on SlickDeals’ hot deals yesterday.  Because it made it that far, I knew it was a good deal.  I did not have to do a ton of price comparison.

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  1. I’m trying it right now and am only being offered one $5 gift card. Still a decent deal, but I’m not sure if it’s user error or if Target figured it out and changed the offer.

  2. This deal shows as expired

  3. It says it’s expired when I try.

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