Broken Age Game for Free w/ Amazon Prime (value $20) plus others

Amazon currently has the DoubleFine video game Broken Age (currently $20 on Steam) for free for any Prime member.  All you need to do to redeem it is connect a Twitch account (free) to your Amazon Prime account.  In addition, other free titles are available.   You may attach up to four Twitch accounts to a Prime Account, so do whatever you will with that.

After you connect your Twitch account through Amazon, go to in order to see the free games.

Broken Age was a wonderful moment in video game history.  The DoubleFine group (who has also redone some classics like Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle) launched a Kickstarter in 2012 aiming to bring back the classic point and click adventure game.

a screenshot of a video game

They broke records and reached 100% of their funding goal within 8 hours.  (I was one of the funders).  It ultimately raised almost $3.5 million.

This is part of a promotion that Amazon has been doing in conjunction with Prime Day.  They have been releasing one game per day.  Currently, you can still get a few days’ worth of video games for free.

More details are below.

Amazon is giving out one free video game per day to anyone who connects their Twitch account (free) to their Amazon Prime account.  A new game is released each day, but you can redeem the games for the days you missed for a limited amount of time.  *Yes, if your Twitch account is already connected, you can get these video games.

Twitch is a streaming service that was acquired by Amazon, so they are probably trying to beef up the number of users on it.  A Twitch account is free, plus having Amazon Prime gives you premium benefits that you would normally have to subscribe to have.  You can also get discounts on pre-release games on Amazon if your Twitch account is connected.  This unlocks access to “Twitch Primeâ€â€“again, free with an Amazon Prime subscription.

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You can connect your Amazon account to a Twitch account here.   (You can create an account on Twitch if you need to during this process).

In addition to getting the free video games and premium account settings, you can give away $5 to a streamer on Twitch per month at no cost to yourself.

If you end up connecting your account to get the free video games but don’t plan on actually using Twitch, you can support me (for free) by going to my Twitch page and using this month’s Prime Subscription on me.  I totally don’t expect it, but figured I should let you know if you weren’t planning on using it anyway!  (It does not auto-renew and there’s no risk of it charging you actual money in the future).

As for the free games, I just went through and grabbed all the recently released ones and I’ll try to remember to log in almost every day.

This is what was available today:

a screenshot of a video game

Having a Twitch account can also get you free in-game loot year round.  There aren’t really any downsides to connecting your Amazon account and Twitch account together, other than having another account floating around out there.

And feel free to hang out and play some Jackbox Party Games on my stream with me sometime!

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