Babs Will Help You Save Money on Your Cable Bill for Free

Fancy Hands, aka my personal assistant Babs Callahan, has a promotion where they will try to negotiate a lower cable bill for you for free.

I’m a huge fan of Fancy Hands.  I’m a monthly subscriber, and they’ve helped me save more money and time than I’ve spent on them.

I’ve signed up for their new promotion but there hasn’t been enough time for me to get results.

Review of Fancy HandsI will say that they:

1. Finally got my newspaper subscription cancelled

2. Got me a refund when the lounge was logging Priority Pass Select customers incorrectly

3. Got a parking garage to stop charging us AND refund us when they kept charging us months after we cancelled

The lists goes on but gets more boring!

I just know that since I’ve started using them, my life has been easier.

Edit: Free HBO for a year!  SWEET!


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  1. Hi. I just read an old post and saw tht I won last weeks giveaway but I didn’t get an email notification. Is it too late to claim my prize? Thank you.

  2. I tried Fancy Hands because you suggested it here, and have been significantly less impressed than you seem to be. As a part-time expat, I need Fancy Hands more than most to deal with a multitude of small annoyances that pop up “back home.” They are good at very simple tasks like ordering flowers and making appointments, but not all appointments – some of my doctors will not talk to them (to make appointments!) claiming HIPPAA protections apply. They are not good at researching beyond basic information (I actually got a refund for their screw-up once.) I actually don’t trust them to do complex tasks, which greatly reduces their potential value. I appreciate the referral, but don’t expect much.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      That’s interesting. Most places I have them contact, including my doctors, will talk to FancyHands. My credit cards make them patch me in. I’ve found I should be really specific when asking them to do things, but once I do that, I get better results. (I do sometimes totally waste a task by being so unclear, I understand why they sent me what they sent me and just accept I wasted a task). I tried out TimeSVR by sending the same specific instructions I’ve sent to FH, and I got worse results.

      Have you tried correcting them after they don’t get you what you need? I’ve done that before too. I also appreciate hearing your experiences with it, because it’s good to know that it isn’t good for everyone’s purposes.

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