Awesome R2D2 Thermos for only $12

Amazon has a highly rated R2D2 thermos on sale for only $12.

r2d2 thermos

It will keep your beverages cold for up to 12 hours, and easily stores the location of brooding jedi.

This is also one of those thermoses with a retractable straw.  I’m not saying you should drink at a pool or hot tub, but should you find yourself at one, no one would know you were sippy cupping a “beverage”.

(Please note this is a cold beverage only container.  Sorry, hot toddy lovers).

In addition to being well-concealed, your beverages would also be adequately geeky.

Oh, and the thermos is apparently really great.

From the reviews:

We purchased this Thermos (with the Hello Kitty design from Target) over 1½ years ago. It has held up through almost daily use. It is one of the best kids drink holders I’ve ever had. We actually have two, one blue one pink.

They each came with an extra straw set but my originals are still going strong.

I can put ice water in it in the morning and send my daughter to camp (outside, no refrigerator) and when she gets home late afternoon, there is still ice in it.

I’m in for one so I can drink at the pool remain adequately hydrated while hiking.

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  1. Was hoping for a BB 8 thermos 🙁

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