Amazon Giveaways: Multiple PS4s and More

Amazon is trying to incentivize people to download their app before Prime Day (July 11th, though deals start July 10th).  If you have their app installed, you can enter to win a variety of prizes (which includes multiple PS4s!)

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First, the app will ask you to watch a video about how to subscribe to deals on Prime Day.  Then you find out if you won immediately through breaking open a gift box.

You can download the app here.

It looks like one of the PS4s was just given away, but a new one will be up at 9pm et / 6pm pt.

Upcoming giveaways include noise canceling headsets, stand mixers, Echoes, and iPads.

Prime Day is pretty much their version of a Summer Black Friday a la Christmas in July.  Deals will be running for 30 hours straight.

While I was tempted to skip past the informational video, it was actually really useful!  I take Prime Day seriously and scored a lot of things I wanted for a while.

Tip:  I add items I would purchase on sale to a special Amazon wishlist.  Whenever Amazon has a special or lightning deal on one of those items, I get a notification from the app.  That’s how I know when a lot of different deals are live that I post about!

Please note, if you purchase anything through my Amazon links, I will receive affiliate credit.  I won’t receive anything from you downloading the app, other than joy if one of you wins a PS4 (though please invite me over to play!)

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