Amazing Suitcase with One-Click Compression and Replaceable Wheels (plus USB charging!)

My sister just sent me this Kickstarter for a suitcase with a note that it sounded like something I’d like.  Not only do I like it, I think it is pretty darn amazing for its price point.

Compression X-Ray

I’ve seen suitcases before with cool features, but rarely in the $200-ish range, which I consider my cap for a high-quality suitcase (sorry Rimowa).

This suitcase brings together a lot of features I love in a suitcase (including my preference for two wheels over four wheels–which may be more controversial).


From the Kickstarter description:

Marlon is your new best travel mate, championing what you care about most:

  • Packing space – The truth is we’ve all had an overpacking moment. With at least 35% more space than comparable luggage, Marlon introduces assisted compression technology (ACT), allowing you to painlessly pack more with just one click.
  • Weight – At under 7 lbs, Marlon is the lightest carry-on in its class.
  • Wheels – Marlon’s wheels are three times the diameter of traditional luggage wheels creating a host of benefits, including easier movement over varied surfaces and enhanced durability. Not to mention they are virtually silent with an amazing glide. And should they ever break, they’re easily replaceable.
  • Charging – Dual USB ports and a built-in, easily removable battery charge your devices.
  • Compartments – Marlon has tons of practical spaces including a quick access pocket for the security line and a padded sleeve for a laptop / tablet.
  • Design – Most travelers prefer softside luggage for its flexibility and versatility. But let’s face it, softside luggage tends to be an eyesore. Not Marlon. Minimalist construction and clean lines are enhanced by two refined color palettes: classic copper & coal and incognito jet.

The one-click compression is a great feature to me.  I’ve definitely done the “one-knee” compression.  That is–I’ve knelt on the suitcase with one leg while trying to yank the zipper around the bag.


I also prefer two-wheeled bags.  The four-wheel bags eventually give me elbow pain when I use them too much, and I find it easier to put my laptop bag on the top of a two-wheeler.  Also, the wheels have been the first thing to go on every bag that I’ve owned, so being able to replace them is clutch.

The light-weight is also important to me, as I sometimes push the limits of how much I can bring on board.

Also, while I know the USB-charging option will probably be limited (and of course, you can bring a charger in your bag), the ability to plug in your phone and then tuck it in a back pocket is pretty cool.

My only hesitation at this stage is the color palate of the avaliable bag.  The jet black version of the bag is only avaliable if they raise over $1 million on this campaign (they are at $275,00).  The copper and coal version feels a little old fashioned to me, and I honestly wouldn’t enjoy its appearance (as much as I hate to turn this into an aesthetic thing).

Still, I’m really excited by these features and the price point.  There are still bags left in the $215 tier, so I may just back one and cancel before the last day if I decide I definitely don’t want it.

As a disclaimer, apparently the company will give you a free bag if you refer enough people who back the product.  However, I highly, highly doubt I’ll refer enough people to do that, but wanted to issue a disclaimer just in case.

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  1. I think the usb feature is dumb. Who needs suitcase charging?

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