$99 Flights to Cuba!

What a deal.  We’ve only recently started being able to fly to Cuba, and now we have our first flight deals to Cuba courtesy of JetBlue.


Pizza in Motion covers whether or not you should actually go to Cuba.

It strikes me that there’s probably a narrow window to get to Cuba now before the thrust of people, where you’ll still deal with some poor conditions and strain on the infrastructure.  It also strikes me that given what we know today, it’s prudent to wait until a few months after commercial service launches to head to Cuba if you can’t get there before launch.  Once the commercial flights launch, I suspect it’s going to be a troublesome adjustment period.

It’s a great piece.  I recommend checking it out.

It’s also not a destination without a fare!  JetBlue has provided this for us.

After years of beefing up their Caribbean offerings, it seems that low cost carrier JetBlue won the battle. JetBlue will likely be the first American airline to fly commercially from the US to Cuba in over 50 years.

Their first route runs between Fort Lauderdale and Santa Clara. Fares are priced competitively at $99 for a one-way ticket. By November, they will add two additional routes from Fort Lauderdale to Camagüey and Holguín.

The fares start August 31st.  For a new location, this is a great fare.

Remeber that you still need to qualify under the 12 types of travel to fly to Cuba.

For me, I may hold off, even though $99 each way is a great fare.  I think I’ll wait for a little more of a tourism infrastracture to build up.

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  1. Why do you assume that there is no tourist infrastructure?
    It’s only American citizens who were not able to visit Cuba. The rest of the world didn’t have such a restriction

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      It’s not a lack of tourist infrastructure. I was referencing Pizza’s article that this will put a strain on the infrastructure, so it needs to respond to the increase in tourists by building it up.

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