75% off the Echo Look ($150 savings)

If you’ve been considering the Echo Look, it’s currently 75% off on Amazon–marked down to $50.

The Echo Look is a very specific product (not to be confused with the Echo Show).  It’s basically a selfie-fashion camera with Echo’s audio features built in.  It takes full-length photos or videos of you on command without you having to take a shot in the mirror.

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Its official features from the Amazon website include:

  • Take head-to-toe photos and six-second videos of your outfit with the voice-activated camera
  • Compare outfits to find out which looks better and why with Style Check
  • Freshen up your look with items recommended to go with clothes you already own
  • Echo Look automatically organizes your wardrobe by weather, occasion, season, and more
  • View your outfits from every angle, select your favorites, and share with friends

NOTE:  “Echo Look does not offer calling and messaging with Alexa, or Bluetooth connectivity. For room-filling sound and hands-free calling and messaging with Alexa, we recommend Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, or Echo Show.”

There is a speaker on it, though that people have given decent reviews.  It’s just not the Echo’s room filling signature sound.

If you are huge into fashion, closet organization, or just selfies, this may be a good product for you.  Or if you are a blogger looking for easier ways to share your outfits.

Here are some pros and cons I’ve spotted in the reviews:


  • Sharp photos
  • Voice activated (both video and photos)
  • Easier way of taking selfies
  • Auto-focuses on you and blurs the background


  • Need to make sure the background of the photo isn’t too busy
  • Style advice is still improving
  • Audio cannot be adjusted manually–just through voice commands

Ultimately, I don’t think it is worth spending the full $200 on this product unless you have a lot of money to throw around and *really* love the features.  (At that point, I’d consider spending the money on a little fashion studio).

But I’m in for $50 to try it out.  There’s a lot of things I’ve wanted to do on Instagram and the blog that I haven’t been able to, and this probably will help.

You can find the sale price here.

Here are some photos of the features:

a woman with curly hair wearing a black jacket a woman in a dress and a vest a screenshot of a computer

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