The $1,098.99 Uber Quoted Me For a Ride Actually Seems Pretty Reasonable

I landed at DCA airport after a trip to Florida today.  I was a little shocked when I opened my Uber app.

It quoted me $1,098.99 for UberX.


Damn, how much is surge today?!

After I got over my initial shock, I realized my app never updated from Florida.  Which switched my frame of thinking.

$1,098.99 for an UberX ride from Florida seems like a pretty damn good price.  Of course, I think any reasonable Uber drive would cancel (and I’m not sure I want to bond with my Uber driver over the course of a few days).  But I did have an Uber drive in Bonita Springs who had just dropped off a passenger from West Palm Beach.

Not quite the same distance, but still.  That’s quite a trip for an Uber ride.


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