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Spend $55 on Jeans at Kmart, Get $60 Back in Shop Your Way Points

If you were planning on making any purchase soon at Sears or Kmart, this is an amazing deal.  If you spend $55 on jeans, you can get $60 back through Shop Your Way points.


Basically, this nets you a profit of $5 in Shop Your Way credit plus five pairs of jeans.  (shipping is also free at this point).

From Coupon Cravings:

*Right now shop from the selection to get $10 Back on a Pair of Women’s Route 66 Jeans. There are 4 Styles priced at $11.19. With Base Points you will earn back $10.11 in Shop Your Way Points to use on a future purchase. So after Points Back you are ONLY paying $1.08 a Pair. WOW!
*Shipping is FREE with Shop Your Way Max. Get a FREE Trial, just read below.
*Now to make this a MONEYMAKER deal you need to add 5 pair of Women’s Route 66 Jeans to your cart. You will pay $55.95 and you will earn $60.56 in Points. That will make this a $4.61 MONEYMAKER after Points Back.

Shop Your Way points are only good towards items at Sears or Kmart, so if you weren’t planning on buying anything else, this deal might not be for you.

However, if you were planning on shopping at those stores soon, this deal is fantastic.  Even if you aren’t going to use the jeans, you can donate them to charity and be up $5.

Coupon Cravings has all the details here.  Check it out!

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