Feeling Freaked Out When Up High and Totally Safe 

I’m having lunch in the Sky Tower in Auckland,  and boy is this an experience.

a city with many tall buildings

While I know I’m completely safe,  my body is not so sure.   I tried stepping into the glass floor on the tower and immediately had an adrenaline rush.

a view of a city from a window

I cannot express how much my heart is still racing,  even looking at that photo.

But I’m so glad I did this.  Looking down,  as scary as it was,  was ridiculously cool.

Having lunch in a revolving restaurant may sound cheesy,  but it’s been a great experience so far.

I’ll admit,  I’m a little dizzy from spinning (or from the wine)  but this is definitely a thrilling experience.

I did dinner on the Eiffel tower,  but that didn’t spin and didn’t have holes (with glass of course)  on the floors.

I’m also trying out cell phone blogging,  so I apologize if anything autocorrected. It’s just really relaxing blogging from here and watching the view.

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  1. You made me think of the CN tower in Toronto. People would stand just off the edge maybe taking a baby step onto the floor and then back off. Some people would really freak out if you jumped up and down.

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