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My Accidental US Air “Demotion”

I just received my Platinum Preferred card from US Airways, and it reminded me of a cute story.

I hit Platinum immediately after I hit Gold, so after I received my Gold kit, I was waiting eagerly for my Platinum Card.  And waiting.  And waiting.

Finally, I received a welcome packet from US Airways.  I excitedly opened it up to see… a welcome to Silver packet.  I was still 3k EQMs from Silver for next year, so it couldn’t be that.  Plus, it expired 02/13.  So I phoned US Airways to request a new card.

The conversation went like this:

Me:  Hi, I hit Platinum from Gold and I received a Silver card instead of Platinum.  I received a Gold card already.

Agent:  So, you are saying the issue is that you received a Silver card instead of the Platinum card we were supposed to send you?  <pause>  *Snort*

Did she just… laugh?  I couldn’t help it, I giggled a little at the snort.  And she started giggling back.  Eventually, we both lost it, laughing uncontrollably.

After a few minutes of just plain laughing, she told me–in between giggles–that my platinum card was on its way.

And here it is!

I thought I had a similar situation with my Chase Sapphire Preferred the other day.  I received a envelope in the mail containing my “New Chase Freedom Card.”  Did they demote me?  Did I apply for the wrong card?!

Immediately before I fell to my knees in anguish, I remembered I HAVE a Chase Freedom card already, and it expires next month.  Sure enough, my Chase Sapphire Preferred arrived the next day.  PHEW!

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